What We Stand For


We are sisters who have a passion and a desire to help people achieve a life filled with peace, happiness,

serenity, self confidence, self awareness, balance, a greater love for ones own self and for others, and

living in the present moment.  Through each of our unique and individual challenges in life, we have

each learned skills that helped us to navigate through life’s challenges, and to come out on top.

We know what it’s like to suffer through anxiety and depression.  We have been to the depths of despair

and back. We want to share with you what helped us.  We want to make a difference in your lives.  

If we can help one person to not have to endure what a few of us went through, then we will

have accomplished our goal. There is always hope.  Hope, faith, and healing are possible.  

Hope On. Journey On.

Jenna and Angie 

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  1. Susan Speer
    August 10, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    I am so proud of you all for sharing your unique stories of joy and sorrow. I am excited and look forward to hearing more about your trials and journeys through life as this will be a blessing to all who follow.

    Susan Speer

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