Show Up For Life Challenge


How do you feel about spending time alone? Are you comfortable? Does the quiet bring you anxiety? Is the noise in your head to much, when you are alone? Many people have a hard time having alone time. Fears and guilt begin to creep in and thoughts like “I should be getting work done” or “I should be spending time with people I love”.  Work can almost always wait and you are spending time with someone you love, yourself.


I have always enjoyed quiet alone time, even as a teenager. I loved going in the closet to mediate, read, or pray. The closet may seem like a strange hideaway, but when you have 9 people in your family the closet is often the only place to getaway. I also loved going on the roof or trampoline at night to look at the grand universe that we are apart of. 


Shortly after we got married I started doing what I call “Angie dates”. I invite me, myself, and I and boy do “we” have so much fun. Yesterday, I had an nice date with myself. I ran the beach barefoot, did some meditating as I watched the glorious ocean, got a delicious juice, and went to see Godzilla. 

photo 1


(Side-note, have you ever ran barefoot on the beach? That was my first time running 4 miles barefoot and it was so exhilarating! Also, Godzilla was awesome, it had a big twist that was so rad!!)


(Didn’t take a photo yesterday at the movie, so this is from my last loner date when I saw *sigh* Divergent.) 

My alone time is a reminder to myself that I matter to me. Yup, it is an act of love for nobody else, but myself. I know many of us are constantly reading books on how to be a better mother, how to be more patient, kind and loving to our children, how to be a more caring and giving wife. All great topics and all aspects of my life I need to work on, but how often do we work on being more loving, caring, kind, patient, and gentle with ourselves? 

Spending time alone is not only a time to enjoy activities that I love, but a peaceful time to meditate. Think about who I am. What I stand for. What I love. What I live for. A time to reflect on God and what He needs me to do. A time to fill my soul with gratitude and thanks for the fact that I am me. A unique, awkward at times, but happy and blessed woman. I can’t do any of this when I am surrounded my my beautifully noisy family. I can only do it in the peace and quiet of my own mind.


 My challenge to you is to have a date with yourself. Do what ever you can and whatever your heart desires. Do what brings you passion, do what brings you peace, do what you love. Go to the park and read a book under a tree, go for a jog in nature, or get the biggest ice cream you can find and people watch in public. What ever you do, enjoy your time with yourself and of course be safe and happy. If you can’t find a babysitter try switching with your friend who can be your babysitter as well as your accountability partner. Take the time out to be alone and to gather your thoughts on the beautiful and blessed soul that you are. It might be a little scary, especially if you decide to go into public by yourself.


The more you do it however the more comfortable you will get. It will be empowering. As you continue to grow your love for yourself you will become stronger, happier, healthier, and more caring with everyone in your life. Start with you, because you do matter. You matter to everyone one around you and it’s time that you matter to you. 


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha 

 Hope On.

Journey On.





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  1. Kim Winkelman
    June 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Angie! I love this. I never spend time alone (although it love it) because I often feel guilty. Thank you for showing what a beautiful thing it is.

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