Hope On. Journey On.

IMG_0344“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. 

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

-Helen Keller


Our Show Up For Life motto is Hope On, Journey On.  It is one of my absolute favorite sayings.  My friend made me a bracelet that has all sorts of different charms with words on it, but this tag is my favorite.  Hope is to expect with confidence, or in other words, trust in confidence.  Hope is not just an emotion that we feel. Living life in a state of hope, is living with a perspective of trust in life, and in those circumstances around you.  We obtain hope by our own choice.  As we choose to live in hope, we weed out those messages of discouragement, despair, and negativity that would try to bloom in the gardens of our lives.  Although some circumstances such as bad health, mental illness, loss of a loved one, or any other trying situation may be out of our control, we do have control over one thing, and that is our hope.  The act of being hopeful must become a way of life for you.  It will be a journey that each of us must choose to search for.  Hope is the light that illuminates even though it may be dark all around you.  It is a confidence that can’t be shaken or rattled, no matter how hard the world tries to take it from you.  Indeed optimism is the precursor to hope.  By being optimistic, no matter the circumstance, you are proving that you have a hope and a faith in something better and bigger than the situtation. Each one of us was sent to this earth to succeed.  We are meant to overcome any obstacle put into our path.  When that path is treacherous and dark, let that hope that shines brighter than anything else lead you out of the darkness, to the brightness of the light.  Hope is a journey of choice.  Choose optimism. Choose faith.  Choose hope.  The hopeful person will never fail.  May we seek to live a hope filled life, spreading that same hope to those around us, and may we ever remember to Hope On and Journey On, forever.

Hope On. Journey On.




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