The Hope Jar

IMG_9433I am the youth church leader for a group of girls ages 12-18.  This past summer we attended girls camp for a week.  The girls decided to write encouraging thoughts or words on rocks and sticks they found in the woods, and then they put them in a glass jar.  If any of the girls that week were feeling down or needed some encouragement, they could just go and pull some of the rocks and sticks out and get a little piece of hope for that day.  I loved that they did this.  Here are what the girls wrote for the jar:

 *Choose the road less traveled

*Doubt Not

*Believe it, know it, show it, prove it.  You can do anything.


*Choose Peace

*Live your life to the fullest

*Make a difference, because you are unbelievable

*Love one another

*Ask and ye shall receive

*Always look forward—>


*With God all things are possible


Words of advice by 12-18 years olds…….amazing.  In this life that is ever-changing, we need words of hope.  Words of encouragement.  Words to calm us.  Words to heal us.  We also need each other.  How on earth could we possibly make it through any of our hardships without those loved ones around us?  It’s in our darkest hours that we all can remember that person or persons whose words of hope, encouragement, and love pulled us through our darkest times.  We need to be our own cheerleader sometimes, and we need to be the cheerleader for those in need around us as well.  

I challenge you to make your own Hope jar.  You don’t need rocks or sticks, just write your words of hope on paper, and anytime you need a lift, pull one out.  Anytime a loved one or a dear friend needs a lift, pull one out and share a piece of hope with them too.  It’s amazing what an uplifting quote or word can do for your heart and soul.  Try as hard as you can to think positive and uplifting thoughts.  But in those times where you find that nearly impossible, let the heartfelt words of those around you carry you through the tides of your stormy seas, until you once again find your feet firmly planted on safe ground.  There is light and love all around you.  Share the love, share your light.  As long as hope exists inside the confines of your soul, you will always prevail.  

Hope On. Journey On.


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