“You’re entirely bonkers.  

But I’ll tell you a secret: 

all the best people are.”

-Lewis Carroll


We all know a few people that are a little eccentric.  Those ones that are slightly off the beaten path.  You are thinking of them right now.

 They often seem like they don’t have a care in the world, sometimes maybe a bit too careless.  

They seem to have a confidence about themselves, and they aren’t too interested in what other people are saying about them.  

We can learn something from these eccentric people.  It’s ok to be a little bonkers sometimes.  Forget all this perceived perfection of others that you see on social media.

 I am pretty convinced it’s fake half of the time.

 We all want to put our best foot forward, and that’s ok.  But most of the time we don’t want anyone to see our faults.

Well guess what? We all have them, and it’s ok to not have it all together all the time.  It’s time we accept ourselves more fully.  

It’s time we forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, failures, or anything else holding us back.

 It’s time we stop focusing on what we are not, and focus on what we want to be.  Cut yourself some slack.  Learn from the past, forgive and forget, look ahead, stop looking back, let go,

have hope, cultivate more faith, laugh more, shake things up, find your courage, don’t let others opinions of you bring you down, work on your

self confidence, set goals, work towards your goals, maintain a positive attitude, forget your crutches in life, find your passion,

love more fully, give more fully, live with an attitude of gratitude, develop deeper friendships, give your whole heart to your loved ones,

forget yourself and go to work, live in the present moment each day, accept all that you are, accept your weaknesses and remind

yourself that you can always try again, move forward, press on, veer off the beaten path, it’s usually through the bumpy roads of life that we find the most beauty.

 Go be the best you that you can be, and be a little bonkers sometimes! Enjoy the ride.

Hope On.  Journey On.



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