Make Fitness a Family Affair




“Make exercise a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth

or taking a shower.  Don’t think about it, just do it.”

-Author Unknown

It’s Summertime, and that means the kids are home from school and you are wondering what to do with them all Summer long.  At least that’s what I think about Summertime!  

My kids would sit around and eat all summer long if I would let them.  Last summer I decided to do something about it.  I pretty much took anything that was in a box out of my pantry and did

a complete overhaul of all of our food.  I stocked the refrigerator with every kind of fruit and vegetable I thought they would eat.  I put them in small containers and labeled them so the kids had no excuses 

by saying they didn’t see any food in the fridge to eat.  I filled the pantry with all sorts of raw nuts and homemade granola.  I also made some energy bites that satisfied their cravings for sugar. That was our summer snacks.  

At first they complained that they were starving to death, but since I left them no other options, they went with it.  It worked out really well, and they had a lot more energy.   This could be an option

for you to try this summer.  You don’t have to go as crazy as I did, but start by replacing a few processed things with more fruits and veggies.  


My plan for this summer is to make exercise a top priority for all of my family.  It is so easy to get lazy and just let the kids lounge all day.  There is nothing wrong with lounging around, but it’s important

to incorporate daily exercise for you and your kids.  My Husband and I go to a boot camp 3 days a week.  It is my favorite pastime these days.  We decided to have our 13 year old son get up with us at 

5:30AM and join us.  He has been doing great, and it has been so fun to have us all workout together.  I can tell that he is getting more confident in his abilities there, and he is getting stronger.

Since all of the kids are home for the summer, why not find ways to have the whole family work out together.  Family bike rides, swimming, playing soccer or basketball, hiking, family walks, anything that

you enjoy doing together that requires some physical effort would be great.  You could also plan a 15-20 minute workout routine for everyone.  Simple things like jumping jacks, sit ups, jumprope, push ups, 

any sort of exercise to get the family moving.  To make it more fun, you can have contests to see who can do the most sit ups or push ups.  Have everyone set some goals of what they want to achieve over

the summer, and help the kids work towards those goals.  

Not only will you your family benefit from eating healthier and exercising, but spending time together is one of the most important things you can do for your family.  Make it a priority this summer

to keep  your family fit by exercising and eating healthier.  Of course everyone needs a cheat day, so don’t deprive your kids too much.  We always had Saturday cheat day, and I let them eat whatever they wanted, and it

worked out well for us.  Give your family the gift of your time this summer.  You will bond and grow closer together, and a happy home is all worth it.  “Sweat, smile, repeat,” all summer long!

Hope On. Journey On.



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