Chutzpah! Do You Have It?

  “People think chutzpah is in the genes.  It isn’t…’s in the needing and wanting and being willing to fall on your face. It isn’t fun….who wants all that rejection, but life is sweeter if you make yourself do uncomfortable things” -Helen Gurley Brown This is my husband jumping his quad at the sand dunes.  We used to load up… Read more →

Citrus Mood Lifter

There are a handful of quick and easy things you can do to boost your mood instantly! This is one of my favorites. Take an orange or any other citrus and cut it in half, then take a big whiff of that powerful smell and voila! This is something that I do often and it is that simple. I don’t… Read more →

A Lesson in Tenacity

    “Let me tell you the secret that had led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.” -Louis Pasteur   This past weekend my Husband and I headed up to Park City, Utah for a snowboarding trip.  My husband loves snowboarding.  I on the other hand have only gone twice.  The first time was about… Read more →

Mini stuffed peppers

           At around 3:00 pm everyday I get really tired and hungry! I am always on the look out for quick and easy snacks that are healthy and that will give me a boost of energy. Mini peppers have always been a favorite snack of mine, but lately I have been wanting to add a little… Read more →


 Photo via Sloan Photographers  “The task is to recognize that you are uniquely special, have something to give, some talent that no one else shares in quite the same way.  This gift needs to blossom so we can appreciate and enjoy the benefits of it and acknowledge you for it.  You owe this to yourself and to all of us… Read more →

No Excuses

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t your right.” -Nike                 Any one else need some good motivation for working out? I have to say, lately I am in need of some major motivation. I usually am pretty good about working out, lately not so much. I love seeing motivational… Read more →

Choose Life

We are honored and excited to have Joni as our extraordinary guest blogger today! Here is her story, in her own words.   Choose Life   “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:” Deuteronomy 30:19   I have four beautiful children. I’ve been pregnant seven… Read more →