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The Sun Will Set For You

     Do you feel a constant shadow? Are you sick of being sick or tired of being lonely or sad, because you are always sad and no matter how hard you try you are still afraid and still depressed? I know that feeling. It’s very real, you believe there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you… Read more →

A Healing Spirit

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.”  -Mother Theresa     We all know… Read more →

Judge Not

                       Not too long ago my Husband, Krew and I, went to the grocery store. As usual, we  parked in the handicap parking space and went inside to do our shopping. We came outside and I started loading the groceries and Krew inside the car. Parked right across from us,… Read more →

Laugh About It


Growing up I had a good friend that I spent a lot of time with, and I was always playing at her house. One thing that always stood out to me every time I went over there, was how much they laughed. Even if they were having a bad day it seemed like they always found something to laugh about. It made a big impact on me. I grew up in a loving home and we did laugh a lot, but I don’t remember the laughter so much through the bad times, and we had a lot of struggles. Maybe that is what made the biggest impact on me, being able to laugh through the difficult times as well.

I remember when I had my first baby and when he smiled at me for the first time. You know the smile where you realize that they recognize you and are showing an emotion and a reaction towards you. Then, that smile moves into a cooing with cute baby sounds. Then one day you do something that makes them actually giggle. I do not think I have ever felt anything that has warmed my heart and soul more than listening to one of my babies first laughs. It is absolutely magical! I believe that Laughter is a gift from God. It doesn’t cost anything but can be priceless. Laughter can turn the deepest, darkest hour, into a glimpse of hope. Laughter can change someones whole physical well-being. It can help you feel more energy and less stressed. You know the saying, Laughter is the best medicine? Studies have shown that laughing helps the immune system and can help us feel better.

Laughter can bring us closer to those around us and help us build better relationships. It draws people together and can build our friendships. I am always drawn to people who laugh a lot. It is contagious. You know that person at the party who is always laughing and smiling, and they always draw a crowd. I know a girls night out or a good laugh on the phone with a friend always fuels my soul.

I believe the art of laughing can be learned, practiced and even perfected. I am still working on this one. After I had my last child there were some difficulties with me, and my baby was very sick. These things led to weeks of panic attacks and other struggles. (I will talk about this in an upcoming post). As I began to learn to change how I think and react to things, I discovered that laughter turned out to be one of my biggest blessings and life changers. I began to find humor in most situations, and I noticed the more I laughed it started becoming a habit. I started joking with my kids more,and it has helped me to be a more patient with my kids. I remember growing up my mom would always just out of the blue start to bust a move. She was a dancer and always loved to dance, and would just start doing it in random places. It always made us laugh. Even in the hospital a few weeks before she passed away, she just all of a sudden in her hospital bed started singing and moving. It was a good laugh for me and my siblings, and made for a great memory.

Whatever your situation you may be in life, it is never to late to start bringing more joy and laughter into it.  It all starts with just a simple smile  just like a new baby, and then it moves into a giggle. Count your blessings, and don’t take things too seriously. Laugh when your teenager roll his eyes at you, or when your toddler takes the Cheerios out of the pantry and pours the entire box onto the floor. Laugh if you make a mistake because you can always fix it, and then forgive yourself. Finding humor in things will bring us more joy and happiness, and will make this journey in life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it.”
L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables    

We can do it! Find more laughter today!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Hope on. Journey On.



written by: Angie “People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion in this world is that people are being used and things are being loved”.  unknown Minutes after my mom passed away, we said our good byes and shortly after they came to take her body away. I sat there in her tiny… Read more →