5 Things I have done since I was 15 that bring me happiness

There are a few things I learned as a teen from my mom and a special little book she gave me that have always brought me happiness. There were loads of ideas on how to be happy and how to find happiness, but there were a few tips that I applied to my daily life and they instantly became second nature to me. Of course, like almost everything that brings us peace and joy, these are very simple tasks and can be done daily with very little effort. 


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1. Be interested in other people.

This I do in my personal life as well as my business life. Being curious and having a sincere interest in others is really exciting! I love learning about others lives, interests, careers, family dynamic etc. Being interested in others will build your relationships and love with those around you. It also builds a sense of community with strangers. My husband is really good at meeting random people and carrying on the most fascinating conversations with them. Even if it is for just that one moment and he never sees them ever again, he always finds a way to create a peaceful environment for others to open up and share their life with him.


2. Live Simple 

Living simply has different meanings for each person. For me living simple means (TRYING TO) being grateful everyday, think positively, seeing others points of view, enjoying the fresh air and nature as much as possible, laughing, dancing, avoiding selfishness, eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding debt and over spending.  Basically, living simple for me is enjoying the little things and avoiding bad habits that can bring me down.


3. Develop a hobby

We each need an “outlet”. Something fun and creative. Something that sparks our interest for life, love, compassion, and adventure! We need that in life to drive and excite us. It is a wonderful thing to have a hobby that is just for you. You do it for you and no body else.  You absolutely love it and you are overwhelmed with passion because of it. I have always had a hobby ever since I was a kid. It has changed multiple times over the years from dance, to gymnastics, to karate, to reading, to listening to music, to acting in plays, to hiking, to cheerleading, to running track, to swimming, to wake boarding, to cliff jumping, to yoga, to movie watching, to tv watching, to traveling, to photographing, to video making, to disneyland galavanting, to meditating, to eating, and many many more. The idea is that life is meant to be FUN!!! Yes, you heard that right. I know lifes suck some times, but the truth is it is mean to be enjoyed. We all have the wonderful desires to explore and enjoy wholesome activities that bring us health and invigorate our minds and bodies, so find that something of yours and do it!

4. Give to others and listen

I belong to a church that makes service very easy. There is always someone that needs assistance or some type of service that needs to be done. My mom taught be that service can be very simple and you don’t have to always sacrifice all your time, money and resources into lifting burdens from others lives. Giving to others can be as simple as spreading joy by a smile through out your day. Smiling at strangers, leaving a thank you note for your waitress, bringing a basket of fruit over to someone in sorrow, there are thousands of simple ways to serve others. Another way we can give is by listening to others. We all just want to be heard and sometimes I find myself jumping in on a conversation, when I just need to sit back and listen to the other person. We don’t always need to throw in our “two cents” or our opinion. It is a humbling experience when we sit and listen to others and let them express their opinions and ideas, even if we don’t agree with them. They just want to be heard and as friends and loved ones we can do that for them. 

5. Concentrate on the task at hand, with out trying to attempt everything at once.

I can not multi task. In fact I can barely walk and talk on the phone at the same time. I just can’t do it. For me personally, this has been a blessing. It has allowed me to do the most important thing at the moment at that time. Doing this, I have learned to take the task at hand and not worry about what the next large task will be or what hasn’t been done that needs to be done. This is as hard one for a lot of people, but the benefits are pretty incredible. Being able to give 100% to what ever or whom ever is at my immediate attention is also a way for me to live in the present moment. Being aware and awake with the here and now brings peace and contentment. 

 Hope On. Journey On.









  3 comments for “5 Things I have done since I was 15 that bring me happiness

  1. Kelly
    April 1, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    I love this Angie! Such great tips! <3

  2. Karen
    April 1, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Amen sista!! I’m so happy I stopped by to read today’s blog. This is a great way to live. I follow some of these already but I can always do better and appreciate the reminder! You are my inspiration! Love you and miss your cute face!

  3. Shana
    April 1, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    I’m so sad I’m just now seeing this blog… It’s so wonderful!!

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